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Whether fitness is your business or just a part of what you do, our premium cardio series and refined technology give you options that fit your budget, space and the people you serve, all while creating a look that’s unified and welcoming.

Explore the Possibilities

Introducing Matrix Cardio

Your choices make all the difference, so we made it easier to choose the solutions right for your budget, your space and the people you serve. Our new cardio series are compatible with a selection of refined consoles for exciting new combinations of performance, entertainment and connectivity.

When it comes to achieving your goals, it’s easy to choose Matrix — and know you’ve chosen wisely.

Premium LED Consoles

Give members the intuitive navigation of an LED with a more engaging look. An 8,000-pixel display fills the screen with color and sharp graphics, providing clear, easy-to-read feedback in large numbers and letters.

LED & Group Training LED Consoles

Even our most streamlined consoles include optional WiFi to work with some of our most powerful Connected Solutions, including Personal Trainer Portal, Workout Tracking Network and Asset Management.

Touch Consoles

WiFi-enabled Touch XL and Touch Consoles feature an app-based interface that mirrors familiar smartphone and tablet operating systems, making it easy for members to connect to the content that keeps them moving.

You can pair any of our new consoles with your equipment, providing experiences that span from beautifully simple to digitally connected and rich with entertainment.

Console Flexibility

When it comes to facilities that demand the best, Performance Series makes exercise better and smarter in ways that delight members and redefine expectations.

Ideal for heavy use and solid workouts in fitness facilities where space is at a premium and budgets need to stretch further.

Designed for casual use in multi-family housing fitness centers, small hotels, corporate wellness and similar facilities.




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